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How To Sync Your Kindle Books And Other Documents Automatically?

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Whispersync can be used to synchronize all the Kindle content to all supported device and applications. Today we will discuss the steps to auto sync the content for all Kindle, Kindle fire devices, and apps.

Whispersync is used to backs all the data to the furthest location of Cloud on all supported equipment and applications. One can get access to this your content if ever you want to get it back on those supported device and apps which belong to the same registered account. Whispersync works for syncing Kindle books available on Kindle store, Personal documents that exist in Kindle format, and other games and apps downloaded from Amazon Appstore.

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Whispersync allows you to switch reading from one device to another even from the same page if those devices are added on same Amazon account. If you have the Wispersync for books, then you might notice that it’s settings for sync is enabled by default.It allows the users to view bookmarks, highlighted text, and notes of all devices which are registered to a common Amazon account. Moreover, Whispersync syncs the last page of all those personal documents which are transformed into a Kindle format.

Although the Whispersync for books is enabled automatically still, you can review the setting to make sure it is allowed or not. You can also disable it if you no longer want to sync the content. Go through the following Kindle support steps to review the settings menu for it.
  • Open the settings to “Manage the content and devices.”
  • Click on the “Settings.”
  • Locate the option for “Device Synchronization” to manage the Settings for Whispersync. Once you find that option, click on it to open the menu options for it.
  • Set it settings to ON or OFF as per your requirement. If you face any doubt while making these changes, then get Amazon Kindle Support for addressing the concern.

So this way you can verify the settings for Wispersync and enable or disable it according to your requirements. Also, go through the following tips to ensure you don’t face any syncing error.

  • Make sure the devices are correctly connecting to your wireless network to facilitate the auto syncing to them.
  • You can put your Devices to sleep mode instead of turning them off so that they could always remain connected with Wi-Fi.
  • Once you complete reading, always go back to the Homescreen of your Kindle device.
  • You should always enable the syncing of annotations so that all the available bookmarks, highlighted texts, and notes can be accessed from your device.

Auto back up of bookmarks, highlighted text, and notes to Cloud storage for Kindle allows you to access them from all the registered devices under the same Amazon account. All the backup bookmarks, highlighted text, and notes become the part of Popular Highlights of your Kindle library on Cloud.

All the Kindle Fire tablets come with Annotation backup enabled by default, and it can not be set to disable by any means. While with a standard Kindle or Kindle reading apps, you can change the settings for it.

Go through the following steps to enable or disable Annotation backup ON and OFF :
  • Open the home page of your Kindle device or reader app.
  • Click on “Menu” icon.
  • Select the option for settings.
  • Click on Annotation backup and turn it to ON and OFF.

This way you can Sync all your content to the registered Kindle devices and apps for the same Amazon account. For more help visit www Kindle com Support to get the best guidance.