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Kindle Paperwhite Screen Getting Frozen? How To Get Rid Of This Issue?

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The user base of Kindle Paperwhite is getting bigger with every passing day. Kindle Paperwhite is one of the premium e-Readers that are available on the market. A wide range of features has been integrated into this device, thus making it a world-class product. But, many people are also facing issues such as Kindle Paperwhite screen getting frozen. It is important for people to get in touch with Amazon Kindle Customer Service for the right solution regarding this issue.

The problem of the frozen screen in Kindle Paperwhite could be as a result of some technical glitch with the device. Maybe, the users have opened multiple eBooks at a time, thus resulting in this annoying problem. There is Kindle support available to address this issue, but it is important for people to identify the root cause of this problem. Maybe, there is something wrong from users’ end, which they are not being able to identify. Here are some issues that you may come across in case you are using Kindle Paperwhite.

The Device Becomes Unresponsive When You Are Opening An E-book :

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It has been seen that your device may become unresponsive while you try to open an e-book. This happens due to overloading of the processor. You must ensure that you close all other books before opening a new book. This will help you in preventing the issue. Moreover, you can visit the company’s official website for proper guidelines of using your Kindle device. The website is Kindle com support. You just need to get in touch with them once and they will help you.

Apart from this, your device can also become unresponsive due to some error in the software of the device. You cannot determine the error: however you can resolve it with the proper customer care assistance. Alternatively, you can try to restart the device. If you don’t know how to do so, then log onto www Kindle com support link.

Once you perform the resetting of the device, you can easily use your device without any trouble. For rebooting the device, all you need to do is to press and hold the power button until it gets powered off. Now, you must switch on the device and check for the issue. If the issue is still troubling you, try to seek for Kindle Help by contacting the customer support executives.

The Device Becomes Very Slow Or Freezes :

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It is observed that your device suddenly stops responding and your reading is interrupted badly. You must check for the battery levels and if the battery is critically low, try to charge the device and then use it again. If the problem persists, you must try to restart the device. This problem could also appear in Kindle Fire as well, but you can get rid of it by taking Kindle Fire support help. By restarting you can easily eliminate the issues related to the unresponsiveness of your Kindle device.

Sometimes, it is due to the opening of a heavy file. Try to close the file (if you can) and if all these efforts don’t seem to work, try calling the experts. They will assist you in resolving any of the issues which are creating troubles in proper functioning of the device. Moreover, you can simply visit the official website at Amazon Kindle Support and ask for guidelines for handling the issue.

When should you seek professional help?

If you face the same issues as described above, and none of the tips work efficiently, then you must make a call to the service providers. They are the real time experts who have a better knowledge of the device than us, thus they will serve the best to resolve any troubles with the Kindle Paperwhite tablet. Furthermore, it is advised that you must seek the expert advice in the very beginning of the problem. You can get the support through a phone call or you can simply get a resolution over a chat session. You must visit the website and search for chat options in the menu bar.